Cordova support for Expansion File on extSD

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Cordova support for Expansion File on extSD

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The typical Virtual School Room (VSR) app has lots of data (video, audio).  Most phone's internal memory is small and very full.  So the challenge is to get VSR apps to use the Google Play Expansion file technology utilizing the external SD of the phone where there is an abundance of cheap large memory.

The good news is that Cordova already has a plugin that supports the Google Play Expansion File storage system allowing up to 2 x 2GB of extra data.  This plugin works well if the expansion file is stored on the internal memory so apps are not constrained to 100MB maximum.

The challenge is to get this plugin to work with storing the Expansion File data on the external SD of the Android device.   Here is the Issue link in the plugin forum where this is being addressed.

Please post a message here to tell us your progress on addressing this challenge as you interact with the Github plugin forum participants.

Please feel empowered to help solve this challenge so that all VSR apps can grow as large as needed to meet the educational needs of every child.