READ 2nd: Is my mother tongue added to HHR?

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READ 2nd: Is my mother tongue added to HHR?

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Check below in this post to see if your mother tongue is already added to the His Hands Reader.

Post in this forum if you want to announce that you are in the process of adding it.  Title the post with the name as it is found in the ODK HHR app.
yhd - Arabic~~Judeo-Iraqi UNDER il-israel

If you can not find your mother tongue in the ODK HHR app lists try...
1) check to see if it is listed under another country where that language is most spoken
2) check wiki to see if there is an alternative name that it might be listed under

If you still can not find your mother tongue after checking both those places then reply to this post and tell us your mother tongue by the name that you know it as and someone can help you. 

If it does not exist... no worries... this is why His Hands Reader exists... to help ALL languages!  When you finish adding your words or hand signs remind me... and I will make up a name according to your country code until such time that the language or hand signs gets assigned an "official" 3 letter code.
CM1 ~ Cameroon hand signs

Tell the forum readers your plan for when you hope to complete adding your mother tongue.  And come back every month and post a reply with a progress update.  Many people are waiting for your completion so they can start using the literacy videos!  If you do not post progress updates we will eventually have to conclude that you abandoned the effort.  It would be better though if you can just post a progress report to say that you need to no longer continue.  That will allow others to take over sooner. :-)

You can also tell your need... like you have the skill but need a phone... or you would like others to join in adding and you can agree to who does which list of words or you would like someone to check your translation.

If you see an error in an HHR video find the language and post a reply and give the
word# ~~ existing translation ~~ suggested translation
Then the forum community can agree if the change is needed and who will submit the change(s) via the ODK HHR app.

Hand signs added so far:
afg - Afghan Sign Language UNDER af - afghanistan
CM1 - Cameroon Sign Language UNDER cm - cameroon
CN9 - Changsha (China) Sign Language UNDER cn - china
eth - Ethiopian Sign Language UNDER et - ethiopia
jos - Jordanian Sign Language UNDER jo - jordan

Spoken/Written languages added so far:




Middle East:
Modern Arabic
Jordanian Arabic
Modern Hebrew

Central Asia:

Far East:

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Yoruba UNDER ng-nigeria

The yoruba translation is inview and it is a great privilege been part of this great work.
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Re: Yoruba UNDER ng-nigeria

We look forward to the Yoruba translation!  Good work!  May it bless many children learning to read.