READ 3rd: Add my mother tongue or hand signs to HHR

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READ 3rd: Add my mother tongue or hand signs to HHR

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His Hands Reader (HHR) volunteers can add their text/voice languages and hand signs to the HHR using the ODK HHR Android app.

To try it out all you need is a phone/pad/tablet that uses the Android operating system and a temporary Wi/Fi connection to download the form and upload the completed dictionary data.

For instructions click here.

Search this forum FIRST if you have a question about using the ODK HHR app ... and then post a reply to this post if you do not see your answer and either I or others will try to respond to your questions soon!

You are 30 hours away from having your mother tongue and/or hand signs added to the His Hands Reader so that ALL can learn to read on their family smart phone!

Bob Achgill
His Hands Reader - helping deaf and hearing persons learn to read so they can read His Word.